Brandon Ballou

Hi guys! I’m Brandon Ballou of Team Straight Up and I’ve been doing karate for almost 20 years! I have competed on the highest level in both Point Fighting and CMX weapons. I’m a very energetic and personable teacher who wants to bring you to the next level. I look forward to working with you!

Booking Timezone: EST (UTC -5)
Team: Team Straight Up
Years of Experience: 19
Available to teach online: Yes
Credentials: King of New York open weight winner, Quebec open heavy weight grands winner, North Georgia open weight winner, most Pro Point appearances of any fighter to date, multiple weapons grands championships
CMX Forms
CMX Weapons
Traditional Forms
Traditional Weapons
Point Fighting
Chinese Style
Capable of teaching:
Competitive Level
World Class
Language(s): English

Public discussion (2)

Dr. Sam

3 months ago

Excellent coach. Extremely high fight IQ. Truly helped me out today and I plan on working with coach Ballou for quite some time!!!

Dr. Sam

2 months ago

Another great session really drilling these basics! he's killing me, man.

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