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Hi I'm Zar Succarotte! I am a Chinese Martial Arts World Champion in both Weapons and Forms and have traveled the world competing, performing and teaching all around the US, Canada, Japan and Africa. Over the course of my years competing, I have learned a lot on how to stand out as a competitor and how to create moments in the performance that will leave powerful impressions on the judges and win over the crowds. I love helping my students create their own personas as competitors and I look forward to helping you achieve your competitive goals.

Along with CMX and Trad coaching, I have also taught many new students and even veteran karate practitioners the different styles of Wushu (Chinese Martial Arts). If you are interested in learning new styles of martial arts such as Shaolin, Long Fist, Southern Fist, Tiger, Monkey, Mantis, Snake, Leopard, Dragon, Crane or even any of the weapons such as Chinese Broadsword, Staff, Hook Swords, Straight Sword, Spear, etc, I would love to help you on this new challenge in your martial arts journey!

Booking Timezone: PST (UTC -8)
Team: Team AKA
Years of Experience: 19
Available to teach online: Yes
Credentials: NASKA Chinese Forms World Champion, NASKA Chinese Weapons World Champion, Team AKA Co-Captain, Received two perfect scores (10.00) at the 2020 AKA Warrior Cup at the Night Show, Trained under Grandmaster Pan Qing Fu (documentary “Iron and Silk” on Discovery Channel),
CMX Forms
CMX Weapons
Traditional Forms
Traditional Weapons
Point Fighting
Chinese Style
Language(s): English

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