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Team Canada Taekwondo @ 2019 Summer University Games & 2018 World Championships

Hey everyone! I’m Ethan, a Taekwondo enthusiast from Vancouver. I'd love to help out anyone wanting to learn!

Feel free to book a session and I’ll reach out to see how we can best plan the lesson/create a training plan to suit your goals.

Basic lesson structure: warm-up, deep stretching, drills/Taekwondo practice, conditioning, cool down.

Lesson Types:
1. General Taekwondo: Instruction from full beginner to advanced high-performance athletes; including basic movements, kicks, sparring, forms, self-defense, etc.
2. Recognized Poomsae: Introduction to sport Poomsae, correction on accuracy of techniques in accordance to WT's deduction criteria, correction on rhythm/tempo/expression of energy, advanced training methods for stances, blocks, punches, front/round/side kicks.
3. Freestyle Poomsae: Creating routines, mixing custom music for freestyle, feedback based on WT judging criteria, drills to develop proficiency in 5 main freestyle components (jump sidekick, multiple front kicks, gradient kick, sparring sequence, tumbling kicks), physical strength & conditioning for freestyle.
4. Tricking: Introduction to basic movements & tricks, specialization in Taekwondo based tricks, board breaking using tricks, Korean-step spinning kicks.

- Athletic Resume & Competition History
- Training Footage
- 2+ Years experience as a paid dojang instructor
- 4 years on Canadian National Poomsae Team (recognized and freestyle)
- 3rd dan from Kukkiwon
- Class 3 Canadian referee certification
- Helped develop BC's provincial high-performance team, produced 3 national champions


Booking Timezone: PST (UTC -8)
Team: Team Canada, Team BC, North Shore Taekwondo
Years of Experience: 15
Available to teach online: Yes
Credentials: 2+ Years experience as a paid dojang instructor, 4 years on Canadian National Poomsae Team (recognized and freestyle), see above for related resume
CMX Forms
CMX Weapons
Traditional Forms
Traditional Weapons
Point Fighting
Chinese Style
Capable of teaching:
Competitive Level
World Class
Language(s): English

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